Learn the Blueprint to Retail (ISBN:978-1-63649-270-4)

Learn the Blueprint to Retail (ISBN:978-1-63649-270-4)

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Want to sell YOUR products on major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart.com or Independent Retailers, but not sure where to start? 

Or maybe just want an easy to follow guide to open YOUR small business?

"Learn the Blueprint to Retail" E-book is a comprehensive guide that will take you through every step of the start-up process and help you create a unique and customized blueprint for your business. This guide will help you skip many pitfalls many entrepreneurs face and was curated with this in mind.

Kgoody "The Natural Hair Guru'' shares the road map she used to land her handcrafted products on the store shelf one year after launch, so you get to skip the mistakes. Expanding on topics to help with strategic planning, to mastering the art of Pre-Sale, Learn the Blueprint to Retail will cover:

* Insider tips on how to choose your business name and the best legal structure that works for you.

* How to identify a strategic business model, and business plan with a proven formula to better understand effective sales channels for your learned customer segments.

* Tools to understand price and cost analysis and cost of goods and services.

* Kgoody's Exclusive three step formula to a "FLAWLESS" profitable launch , with tips to bring your first product to market for FREE!

* An intuitive resource glossary with the same content creation guide that helped Kgoody reach over 14k active followers on social media in 6 months, and other tools she uses to being balanced and stay focused.

* The EXCLUSIVE "Business Toolbox' listing low cost marketing & advertising venues, a well put together list of banks and payment processors, resources for business documents like NDA's, how to create your own website, basically everything a start-up will need to launch to be profitable in 30 days!

* AND  over 100 vendors listed for you to choose from in the most in demand and essential industries. 

 Don't have room to house inventory?  No problem we also added a drop shippers list too. 

E-commerce made $73 Billion in June and 66.3 Billion in July of 2020 ... Our society is shifting, do not get left behind.